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Welcome To the {-TGD-}Gaming Network Forums

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2016 4:44 pm
by mgenjoker
Welcome to All {-TGD-}Gaming Members and Everyone else that may be joining the {-TGD-}Gaming Network.

We will have open registration for {-TGD-}Gaming. Clan and Community.

We will also have Registration for the {-TGD-}Gaming Network. This will be for clans and communities that wish to join the {-TGD-}Network.
This will help with Game Coverage and Server Coverage. If you don't have server's that isn't an issue. We look to have a network of Resources.
Successful Clan and Community registers will have access to all the forums and dedicated forum space under a category on the main page.
Access to {-TGD-}Gaming's Main Site. As well as access to the rest of {-TGD-}Gaming's Sites, Servers, and Features.